Your Planner Checklist

Hello Deskorators,

Although the new year seems like a lifetime away, the prospect of creating a new planner system and getting organised can take a little while to bring together. What worked for you? What didn’t work for you? If you are beginning your planner journey, then what could you be looking for in a planner?

With so many ways to customise your planner, it can be easy to forget the basics when setting it up, and thus I have created a checklist of what you should put in your planner to help you get started!

The Basics
1) Calendar
Now, I know what you are about to say… Of course a planner is meant to have a calendar! However, this staple doesn’t appear in everyone’s planner, and if, like me, you get so involved in making and using all other types of inserts for your planner, it is easy to forget the diary element!

2) Personal Information
This may be a controversial point to add, but in my planner, I like to have a section to keep my personal information such as phone number and illnesses, in case it ever gets lost or in case of emergency.

3) Finances
From home binders, to carry around planners, a finance section is always incredibly useful to have. This then helps you keep track of both household bills and personal spending… and saving if you a good!

4) Useful Information
Slightly different from personal Information, useful info such as others people’s contact details (friends and family), doctors and hospitals nearby or even smaller things like gift ideas are a great addition to your planner.

5) Note Pages/To do lists
The last must have in any planner is section of plain to do lists or notes pages so no matter where you are, or what you are getting up to, you can jot down any bright idea or brain dump in a safe place.

Handy Extras
6) Personal Goals
The first of my hand extras is a section for personal goals. It has been proven that if you write down your goals, you are much more likely to achieve them, so why not have a space dedicated to trust that!

7) Career Goals
And why stop there! Whether you are a self employed entrepreneur or love your office job, there are always ways that you can improve in your work.

8) Business Information
In addition to your career goals, if you are in a type of job that requires you to plan blog posts, social media or numbers, then having a part of your planner for your business information can really help you organise your job.

9) Self Growth/Awareness
This handy extra is a broad one, purely because it really is down to you! Gratitude, affirmations, journaling, faith, you name it, there is a way to help you explore yourself and grow as a person!

10) Trackers
The last handy little extra are trackers! A planner is ideal for tracking anything such as moods, thoughts, habits, tidying up etc, because you can check it off whenever you want to!

Until next time…

Amy x

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