Why do we need planning?

Hello Deskorators,

A goal without a plan is just a wish… We have all heard this saying many times, and yet many people still do not plan out their everyday life? So, why should we be planning?

It comes to no surprise that planning is a great technique to help us plan out tasks that need to occur each and every day. However, planning can do a lot more than simply provide you with a daily to do list. Having a thorough plan in action put into place can help you minimise the number of mistakes that could occur throughout a project, and if something unexpected does arise, it can help you alleviate the problems at hand quickly. As a result, planning can be a great source of performance boosting.

Depending on how you plan, creating to do lists can also be a wonderful way to have a creative outlet. From stickers, washi tape to simply doodles of happy faces to help you stay positive during the day, creativity in any form can help stimulate the brain. A more stimulated mind, means a more productive you!

In addition to the productive qualities, creating a to do list or a diary can serve as a form of therapy for you. Some find that having a set list of tasks to achieve each day, and having events noted down to look back on, gives a sense of calmness throughout the day, reducing anxiety and stress.

With this in mind, there are many ways to plan, but a firm favourite at the Deskorators’ HQ would have to be bullet journalling. Bullet journals can be as elaborate or as minimialistic as you like, and can serve as a running task list, but also as a journal, making it completely personal and unique to you! Set weekly planners, such as inserts or the Happy Planner are also an amazing way to plan out your day.

Go grab your coloured pens and get your planning on today!

Until next time…

Amy x

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