Why do we need organisation?

Hello Deskorators,

Today’s post is going to be focusing all about organisation and why organisation is incredibly useful in everyday life. As mentioned in the previous organisation blog post, the state of feeling and being organised is purely subjective, so why do we need it?

Many aspects of your life need to be organised. Your house, your fridge, your work, your brain! As the definition suggests, you need to create a systematic way of making sure that each part of your life runs as smoothly as it possibly can.

Whatever you are organising, having your vision of an organised life is one way to hold yourself accountable. Clearing your desk? The end goal of having a neat and tidy work space keeps you to your personal vow. However, organising yourself to do things on certain days will also serve as a daily reminder to complete something, which all adds to your accountability.

Once you feel like you have a system in place which works for you and you begin to feel in control, you may sense an ease in stress. Being in a comfortable, familiar, organised space can help ease anxiety and depression, not to mention can help decrease your stress levels!

One of the more obvious statements, but if you are an organised person (or well on your way to becoming one), then the mindset of being organised will also help you to become much tidier! From the house, to your work files, everything can benefit from you being a little more organised!

It goes without saying, but my last point to make is that organisation can help boost productivity. A tidier work space and a much clearer mindset can help you achieve your tasks not only quicker, but at a much higher quality than you may have been able to produce prior to organising yourself.

Whatever is on your task list today, why not add something small to help you become just that slightly more organised! It is said that being organised can become contagious, so you may be able to achieve a lot more than you think!

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Amy x

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