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Hello Deskorators,

Before we start today, I would like to begin by wishing you all a very happy 2020. With a brand new year and decade ahead of us, it gives all the more reason to get the planners out and do what we do best… get organised using beautiful stationery!

As we welcome 2020 in together, I would like to bring share with you the latest news, updates and secret snippets in the Deskorators world! Initially, you will have seen that Deskorators has had a little makeover. After 2 years, it was time to revamp Deskorators as it converts from a blog into a shop. The logo and website have changed and I really hope you enjoy the new look!

With the new look and website launched, I am happy to announce that Deskorators is officially a UK based planner and stationery shop. From washi tape, to pens, inserts for your planners to desk organisation, whatever you need to get motivated, Deskorators will be able to help you.

Why Deskorators? Deskorators – decorating your desk divine – it really is as simple as that. Whether you want to decorate your desk, your planner or your life and turn it into one that you absolutely love, I wanted to create a site and a shop which can help you turn your dreams into a concrete goal.

The aim behind Deskorators is to explore every corner in the organisation world with motivation and meaning. We often get incredibly caught up in life that we lose sight of our reason – our why? What was the dream you had before this? Why are you cleaning the house? Why are you focusing on this part of your work today? Living intentionally can help us find our purpose and Deskorators wants to help you grab the meaning of your life whilst getting creative in the process.

It doesn’t stop there. Why not come and join our community on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to help share your amazing planning success and tips with others! Those who plan together, stay together right? Ok, that might not be the saying, but I am sure it works! From today onwards, you can expect two blog posts a week, and two videos on YouTube a week, so let’s start getting organised for 2020 shall we?

There we have it… the meaning behind Deskorators! From productivity routines to planner guides, whatever you need… you can find it here.

Until next time…

Amy x

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