The Slump

Hello Deskorators,
When you find yourself in the slump, the last thing on our minds is to be productive or find inspiration but allowing yourself to slump is equally as hard because you know there are a million and one things on your to do list. How do you overcome it?
Welcome to the slump… We have all been there, haven’t we? The day where it is too hot, too cold or too tired to feel motivated. You know the worst kind of slump… when you are in it just because it is a Thursday – bad Thursday! Recently, I experienced a Thursday and to be honest with you, I got rather annoyed with myself.
What do you do when you find yourself too hot, too cold, too tired or too Thursday to complete your to do list? Your first mission – tell yourself it is OK!
It is perfectly fine to have days where you don’t feel up to it for whatever reason. Tell yourself it is OK to allow yourself to not be on 24/7. Tell yourself it is OK to be human! Many of us forget that we do not have superpowers, but the one thing I remind myself, is that being human is the greatest power of all. If we weren’t human, we wouldn’t feel, have happy memories and no need to plan, which let’s face it – that’s a reason to be human all in itself!
The next thing on my “slump list” is to slump. This may seem counter-productive to many; however, your body is trying to tell you something. In my case, on a Thursday, I had a headache and felt incredibly drowsy. All I needed was 20 minutes to slump in the afternoon. Forcing yourself to carry on at a rate of a superhuman will cause you to feel worse and slump for much longer once you do. 20 minutes may all be that you need, but it is important to let yourself relax. Have a snack and drink and allow yourself to absorb and regain energy.
However, do not come back to your slump and force yourself to still carry on, trying to do everything at once. If you find yourself doing this, you’ll end up burning yourself out quicker. Try to mix up your to do list. Is there one task that can wait until tomorrow? Just take 1 off – too many and you’ll find yourself burning out tomorrow! Yet, taking just 1 unimportant task off can help ease the stress on you to get 10 other things done.
If there are tasks which you usually do in a set order or routine, is there a way you can spice it up? If you are at home, grab your phone or laptop and play some of your favourite music. If you are at work and are able to use headphones, then you can do the same. If you can’t listen to music, then why not try to play a little game. There is a great chance than your co-workers are feeling exactly the same as you and introducing a little game may help to lighten everybody’s day.
If you able to get creative, why not spend a little time creating a vision board, or even just a simple poster with a word written down to help you remember what you want to accomplish. Why are you doing these tasks? Perhaps it may be to have a tidy home which makes you feel happy and comfortable. Perhaps you are starting a business and want the freedom of working for yourself. Perhaps you just want to look back on the day and feel happy and proud with everything you have done. Whatever your motivation, find a way to bring it back!
My list advice is give yourself something to look forward to. Whether this is a 5-minute sit down with a cup of tea after work or watching an episode of your favourite series after completing all your chores. Small rewards can really benefit our efficiency, and are great ways to carry on, even on the slump days

Until next time…

Amy x

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