Seller Spotlight: Wilko

Hello Deskorators!

Welcome back to another post in our Seller Spotlight Series! This month, I want to focus on yet another store that sells great quality products for a great price – this store is Wilko!

The best thing about Wilko is that if you wanted to, you really could accessorise your entire home with this one store! From lighting fixtures to picture frames, there really isn’t anything you cannot buy from Wilko!

Nevertheless, we are not here today to discuss pretty paint colours. Let’s dig into the good stuff…

In the past year or so, Wilko have completely exceeded themselves in the stationery and organisation department. From realising new ranges of planners, to increasing their range of storage units, it is safe to say the as a general high street shop, they have out-done themselves.

My favourite purchase of their products is my A5 Travellers Notebook, which will soon be approaching it’s first birthday. For only £5, you get a good quality traveller’s notebook with 4 inserts inside, which are of a high quality.

Have you seen their collections? Nothing feels more organised than seeing a range of notebooks and organisers that have been clearly thought out to help benefit you, no matter what you need to organise in your life. Expense trackers, weekly habits, gratitude journals, project books… you name it, Wilko have an item perfect for you, and in four amazing themes!

And don’t forget the storage. Time and time again, whenever the time calls for an envelope to secure paper, or a storage unit to hold stationery, Wilko will be the first place I look, due to the sturdiness of their products – not to mention the price!

What is your favourite item from Wilko? Let us know!

Until next time…

Amy x

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