Seller Spotlight – ASDA

Hello Deskorators,

I would like to welcome you to our brand new series – Seller Spotlights! A place where we can explore all that big brands and small businesses can offer us, whether that is stationery, planning or even services!

As you may have guessed from the title, the first seller spotlight in this series is ASDA. When you first think of ASDA, you may automatically think of grocery shopping, or perhaps even good value for money clothes if you are lucky enough to have a fairly large ASDA in your local town. Yet, much like all other superstores, they also have their own stationery range.

Of course, you can easily buy the big brands they also sell, including Sharpie, Bic and Crayola – but what about good, old-fashioned Smart Price stuff? In actual fact, some of my favourite basic writing pens are ASDA’s own biro, ballpoint pens.

Seriously Amy… we aren’t just going to talk about pens…again… are we? No! I promise – although they are amazing! You can also buy a range of organisational systems, such as file dividers, magazine holders and if you are lucky enough, even storage units! Which means that not only can you buy a multitude of pens to help soothe your stationery urges, but you can also neatly tidy them away!

The only thing I have seen a difference in the quality of between shop own and branded items would have to be the ASDA fineliners. I have to admit, I own a few ranges of different types of fineliner, and unfortunately, especially compared to the Staedtler ones, I found that at least one colour in a pack of ASDA fineliners would leak and therefore didn’t last anywhere near as long. However, who cares when they are approximately £10 cheaper than a full branded set?

Overall, ASDA have a pretty decent range for stationery, and has seen me through from my school days up until this present day where I still reach for my favourite ASDA pen for a to do list!

Let us know if you have tried anything from ASDA and your thoughts!

Until next time…

Amy x

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