Review: Sakura Pigma Micron

Hello Deskorators,

“I’ve never seen someone so excited by pens before – it is lovely to see!” I met Sakura and Royal Talens at the London Stationery Show this year and this is what they said to me… and let’s face it – how can you not be excited by these beautiful pens.

There are some brands which as a stationery lover you must try. Erin Condrens, Filofax, Tombow and MAMBI are all products that were on this list – Sakura was the last brand I knew I had to try.

As I edged closer to the stall, it was incredibly apparent to see why so many swear by their products. Vivid, smooth and incredibly easy to use, their pens were a delight to test out on their stand. And the people? As a visitor, I really could not ask for better stand hosts. Their positive attitude towards each and every one of their visitors was outstanding and how they engaged with both journalists and traders alike could not be faulted. Now you may be able to see why I was so excited!

But I digress! As amazing as the show was, the pens are the real WOW factor here. After being kindly given 4 pens to try out: Sakura 0.05 in black, Sakura 0.2 in black, Sakura Black Plastic Nib and Sakura Red Plastic Nib, there was a blog post with Sakura’s name on it.

Paradise… My handwriting is incredibly small, therefore trying to find good quality pens with incredibly thin nibs can sometimes prove to be a little bit of a challenge – these types of pens aren’t like your usual smart price ASDA ballpoint pen. Sakura, unlike ballpoints, checked all my boxes. Smooth to write with, inky to be bold on the page but not enough to smudge or bleed through and the very thin nib – what more can you ask for? The pen itself sits comfortably in your hand as you write or draw. Pen Paradise right here!

The thought of fine nibs may worry some, especially if you are quite heavy handed. The fear of breaking or splitting the nib is one that many pen lovers worry over, but I can honestly say that these pens are quite durable. If you do not want to chance it, I can not recommend their plastic nib pens enough. My husband remarked that it was one of the best pens he had ever used, and I completely agree. The quality has not been forgone due to a change of nib. It is exactly the same, just with an extra layer of sturdiness.

Well Sakura… you have met and exceeded my pen fantasies and you have a customer for life. I already have a couple of the White Gelly Pens on the way and very much look forward to testing them out!

Until next time…

Amy x

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