Review: Pure Planners UK

Hello Deskorators,

If you are a proud owner of a ring bound planner or folder, then you may be familiar with the endless search for inserts which suit your planning style and your lifestyle, as well as being of a decent quality. Yet, this journey ended when a delightful package from PurePlannersUK arrived.

The inserts that I received were the Week on 2 Pages in a vertical format, however if you do not need as much space, then PurePlanners also sell a Week on 1 Page in a horizontal format.

Before we get into everything, I would firstly like to highlight the price of these inserts. You can buy many inserts across Ebay, Etsy and standalone sites, but it is very rare to see inserts as cheap as PurePlannersUK – who said planning had to be super expensive?

Onto the inserts themselves. The quality is impeccable! Ballpoint pens, fineliners, brush pens, markers – you name it, the PurePlanners UK inserts can handle them. Smooth, sturdy and weighing in at 120gsm, they are a pleasure to work on, whether you are simply creating a to do list, or using them for creative scrapbooking.

Another thing that is rather surprising is that sometimes, personal sized inserts can feel rather lacking in space, however, you don’t seem to find this with the PurePlanners inserts. There is plenty of room for a good sized to do list, and if you are a lover of washi and stickers, then do not panic, as all stickers fit within these boxes!

As a business themselves, it is very pleasing to see that they used responsibly sourced paper, which is completely recyclable. It is incredible to see small businesses not only taking care with their own products, but also to see them take care about all other aspects when creating their products.

Overall, the PurePlanners UK inserts are definitely worth a try in your planner. They are sleek, simple and easy to use, no matter what you want to plan. If you would like to give these a go, why not use (coupon code) at the checkout to save (amount) off your order!

If you are not sure how to use your personal inserts, why not pop on over to our Instagram to see a variety of ways to plan!

Until next time…

Amy x

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