Review: Hex & Ginger Dotted notebook

Hello Deskorators,

For over a year now, I have been testing my creative skills in the form of bullet journaling, trying to get each month a theme to suit. As a result, I have tried and tested a fair number of pens and notebooks, to see which would make my perfect combination, and my journey led me to this… Hex & Ginger.

For a little background, Hex & Ginger, also known as Hex Codes and Ginger Tea, are a stationery company, selling notebooks, bullet journals, planners and diaries! Not only do they sell gorgeous pieces, but you may have even seen their products in Country & Town House of Stylist magazines!

My journey with them started late last year, as I needed to find a new notebook to replace my Leuchttern 1917. I enjoyed using my Leurchtern, but found that the paper quality wasn’t quite what I had expected, and seeing as I use a lot of colour and brush pens, I needed a notebook which could survive not only my drawing ability, but also the amount of ink I planned on using.


Despite having their own website, I actually found Hex & Ginger through their Etsy store! Immediately I fell in love with their White & Black dotted notebook, with dotted pages inside. Smart and sophisticated, this bullet journal notebook was my perfect design. Now to order it and test the pages!

Well…what can I say? Having read the product description, I already knew that the paper used in the Hex & Ginger notebooks were thicker than my previous Leurchtern, but oh my! The paper quality is nothing like I have seen before in such an affordable notebook. I have tried a multitude of pens on this paper, and I am yet to find a pen which bleeds through!

In addition to the general quality of the notebook, I would also like to comment on the obvious care taken in the creation of the books. You can see the delicate stitching throughout the notebook, which is such a nice touch. As a customer, you truly get a sense of worth and importance, and you can feel the passion of the sellers through the ordering process.

Overall, Hex & Ginger is a company I would thoroughly recommend to anyone in need of a notebook or diary, no matter what they were using it for. You can find them on the website, Etsy as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Until next time…

Amy x

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