Review: Go Stationery

Hello Deskorators,

When it comes to notebooks, there is no need to look any further than GoStationery. Sparkly, bold, minimal or even scented – you name it GoStationery has a product which fits all personalities, so let’s dive it a little further!

Deskorators has been a brand ambassador – or Glambassador – for GoStationery for a couple of months now and WOW! Their notebooks are just beautiful. They are said to be the UK’s leading supplier of notebooks and gift stationery, and when you look at their website, you can see why!

The paper quality of their notebooks is luscious. It is generally thicker than a normal notebook, and the smoothness of the paper… well, let me tell you, it is insane! After becoming a Glambassador, I received four of their notebooks and I love each one in their own way!

Yet, this wasn’t the only thing gift I unboxed. Out also came a gold pencil case, which although may look small on the outside, that pencil case must surely be a TARDIS on the inside! I have managed to cram so many pens and pencils in my pencil case! Ideal for those who have a rather extensive pen collection like me!

If notebooks isn’t up your alley, then fear not! GoStationery also provide a planner range, desk accessories such as file organisers, standard diaries and a candle range. Wait… what was that? Candles? Yes! When I found out they did candles I couldn’t contain myself! Candles and reed diffusers can truly change the atmosphere, whether you are at your desk to read, work or study!

There is no surprise here that I am a big fan of GoStationery and their products, but what I really love is the four charities they support with their business. RNLI, The Woodland Trust, SSAFA and Lunch with an Old Bag are the four charities of which they are currently promoting on their website. I cannot put into words how wonderful it is to be a supporting a business which is supporting so many people, animals and the environment alike!

I can really recommend all of GoStationery’s products. If there are any the take your fancy, why not use GOGLAM14 at the checkout to grab 15% off your order!

Until next time….

Amy x

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