Review: Artline

Hello Deskorators,

Whether you are on a hunt for everyday ball point pens to finding that perfect calligraphy machine, finding the perfect pen is crucial! Brush Markers are no exception to this, especially when you find Artline Stix, created by Artline.

For a little background, Artline is an Australian company created by Japanese company Shachihata, and as a result, is influenced by their passion for stationery and share the passion for quality. Despite being an Australian company, Artline products, including their Artline Stix range, is available to many other countries, including the UK through their Amazon shop. This is where the journey begins.

Last year, brush pens truly boomed in the creative market, with handwriting becoming incredibly popular – especially calligraphy. Of course, here at Deskorators HQ, the brush pen urge soon hit, and Artline Stix became our first pick.

And WOW! Have you seen the colour quality of these pens? The truly do pop on the page, and I am yet to have an issue with ink skipping, bleeding or even exploding (an issue I have experienced with other pens).

The next point of call has to be their ease of use. You can use these pens as normal coloured pens and for perfecting your calligraphy style handwriting. The nib of the pen is fairly soft, meaning that is really flexible when trying to achieve the perfect line thickness, but not too soft that the fibres simple fray and look odd on the page. Another tick!

Surely, great pens must cost a lot right? Not when it comes to Artline Stix: for 16 different coloured brush markers, you can buy them off Amazon for as little as £12 – how crazy is that! They are incredibly affordable, and most certainly worth every penny.

Since then, I have also been kindly gifted two of their pens: the Artline Decorite and the Artline Supreme. Both can be used across a multitude of surfaces, including glass and yet still write with ease and ideal for calligraphic writing – certainly an addition to my pencil case!

As a result, they are still a firm favourite in the Deskorators pen pot, and will be for a very long time. Do you own any Artline products, and if so, what do you think to them?

Until next time…

Amy x

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