Review: A5 Kikki K in Sage

Hello Deskorators!

Let me take you back to January 2016. The January sales summoning swarms of shoppers in UK’s busiest city – London. This is where I found Kikki K. Planners, pens, notebooks, charms – everything to fulfil a planner’s obsession was sold in a small shop in Covent Garden. Yet, my A5 Kikki K in sage came from the online sales, bought whilst driving through London at night time as a present from my Mum – what a great way to end the Christmas period! 3 years later, with lots of use and love, here is my review of the Kikki K planners.

First thing to note is the cover itself. As the initial thing you see, it is important to me that a planner looks appealing, but is sturdy so that you want to use it and you can use it without fearing that it will fall apart. After 3 years of being crammed full of inserts, my Kikki K is still going strong, apart from one mark on the front which was my own doing! The spine hasn’t lost its shape, the leather isn’t fulling apart and overall, still feels as sturdy as when I first received it.

Moving on inside, I must applaud the rings! Kikki K planners use a ring system, but unlike many (and I mean many) other planners I have owned, my rings have not become loose or have been damaged, despite holding possibly too many sheets of paper. This is surprising as I have heard and read many complaints about Kikki K rings loosing their shape or not shutting correctly after a short amount of time, but luckily this hasn’t happened to me within 3 years.

Despite not using them, the inserts which come with the planner are incredibly useful to anyone who prefers a straight forward, simple style of planning. At the time of purchase, my planner came with a year diary, contact pages, meeting pages with notes pages and to do lists. The only thing I would say about the inserts is that when I received mine 3 years ago, the paper quality wasn’t amazing. It appeared that even my standard printer paper seemed smoother and thicker than the inserts. However, this was 3 years ago and as I haven’t needed to buy a replacement planner, and the inserts may have changed.

In addition to the inserts, I would like to mention the dividers. The dividers I am currently using are from Kikki K, however, they were not the original dividers that came with that planner. This is purely personal choice because of the colour! The dividers are of very good quality, the colour is strong and the quotes are a beautiful addition.

Overall, I have nothing but praise for my Kikki K planner. It has lasted me some time now and I know it will continue to be one of my favourite planners for many years to come. Thank you Kikki K!

Until next time…

Amy x

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