Recovering from the Planner peace Rut

Hello Deskorators,

It has come to that time again, hasn’t it? Don’t panic, you are not alone! Finding planner peace is hard enough, but then we all expect that it will be maintained easily! So, if you are struggling to fall in love with your planner, this blog post is for you!

Before we start, the first step to falling in love with your planner is to accept that your planner is a work in progress. As you change, grow and adapt to new things in your life, so should your planner! Even if this means that your entire planning method changes, try to allow the change in your life – there is no point trying to make something work which simply doesn’t!

Have you had a little talk with yourself yet? Ok… good! Now time to get stuck in! If you have a ring bound planner, my first step is to completely empty it. If you can, take away all your accessories such as paperclips. If you have a coiled planner or disc bound, just close it. TN or bullet journal owner? Put that to the side and grab a spare, empty notebook. Just observe for now. Look at the planner as a whole. Does the cover still make you smile, like the day you first got it? Does it make you feel like you want to get organised? If yes, then we are on the right track! If not, is there anything else you can try? If you have a set planner, perhaps bullet journaling might be the next chapter in your planning life, or vice versa!

Make a list! Why do you need a planner? What must it do for you? Why do you love your planner? Asking these questions, may help you to find your next planner home.

Once you have found your home, ask yourself what is missing? What do you feel compelled to add in, put in? Refer back to your list of things that you know you need in your life right now. Does your current planner offer you that, or do you already own inserts for it? It doesn’t matter if in say 2 months you won’t need it anymore, just focus on now. Let your brain simply flow without being swayed by the past or future.

Do you feel excited yet? Even if you end up using/keeping everything that you had in your planner before, it may just need a re-setup to spark that initial excitement again. You never know, you may come across a feature or insert that you had forgotten about!

If something doesn’t fit in your planner life anymore, don’t feel compelled to add it in, or keep it. We can be so harsh on ourselves not to waste inserts, or a whole planner, however, if the system doesn’t work, you won’t be able to organise yourself efficiently. Either keep everything stored in a box, chuck it or sell it on depending on whether you think you may return to it in the future or not.

The last step is to make it your own. Unfortunately, if you want to buy anything you may need to wait a couple of days for the post to arrive, however if you are lucky enough to have everything around you, then just let your creativity be free! Set up your planner again, not forgetting that this is simply your next stage in your life and that this may change again. Accessorise it or keep it minimal. Fill it to the brim or keep it fairly empty – the choice is yours!

Are you ready to fall back in love with your planner again?

Until next time…

Amy x

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