Project Planner Peace 2019

The start of a brand new year can be either incredibly exciting or incredibly daunting to a variety of people. Just like many, the last couple of weeks have been spent goal planning, setting new years resolutions and beginning new adventures that I wish to journey down in the forthcoming months. With brand new projects, it was the perfect time to set up my planners for 2019, giving each one a purpose and giving parts of me a specific planner they can call home. Time for my Project Planner Peace 2019!

This year I am using a variety of planners and planning styles to help keep myself, my home and my goals in check. As someone who has tried both planning in only one planner and multiple planners, I have found over time that having multiple planners seems to work best for me. However, just like every other part of planning, there is no right or wrong way to plan – you do you! But, without further ado, let’s dive into my planner line up for 2019!

The Happy Planner

If you have been following our YouTube channel, you may already know that this year I have made the switch from Erin Condren to The Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas. There are a couple of reasons as to why I made the switch, but that jar of goodies can wait until another time! The Happy Planner this year will be serving as my monthly and weekly overviews, as many people use this planner for. It serves as a creative outlet, where I can unleash my inner child with stickers and washi tape galore and have a complete scrapbook by the end of the year to flip through and remember everything I have done and achieved. This is not my daily planner however. Despite having my key activities listed in this planner, I only use broad headings such as “Work”. What I get up to at work is planned in much deeper detail using my bullet journal…

Wilko’s TN including a Hex and Ginger Bullet Journal Notebook

What a bargain this beauty was! I have seen many Travellers Notebooks in my time, some on sale for over £50! You can now probably imagine my reaction when I learnt that Wilko’s were selling A5 TN’s for £5. After inserting some other inserts and finding a wonderfully smart looking notebook from Hex and Ginger, I currently have my perfect Bullet Journal/TN Set up! My bullet journal is first, with 3 A5 inserts behind (exercise books for Wilko). My bullet journal is my daily planner – my unfinished, work in progress to do list. Unlike my Happy Planner, I don’t mind crossing things out in this, changing things up or perhaps even making a mistake! It’s my daily planner, and although I still have a Week on 2 pages system, I plan each and every day with a new energy to bring to it every time I wake up. The inserts behind are used for more personal things, such as collections you would normally find in a bullet journal such as things I want to watch etc. I also have habit trackers, gratitude and a planners best friend – a brain dump section!

A5 Kikki K in Sage

My A5 Kikki K… My oldest planner in this collection, standing at officially 3 years old this month. This is my life in a planner… My brain, my goals, my wishes, my reflections, my home, my family, my work. Every single overview of each aspect of my life is included inside this planner (there’s even a space for my other planners!). As you can imagine, I do not move this planner much and it gets referred to possibly once or twice a fortnight for goal tracking, money sorting or project planning. It has been set up to hold information rather than to be used on a daily basis, which I find to be a very useful tool.

Woodland Walk A6 Paperchase Planner

Last but not least, my A6 Paperchase Planner. When people think of diaries, planners or notebooks, journalling often comes to mind. However, this year I have decided to try something a little different. After searching for many creative journalling challenges on Pinterest, I have set aside this planner to house answers to a variety of questions or aspects of my life which I will answer for the next 5 years so I can observe the way I and my life have changed since I began. This entries can be from silly things such as “what did I eat for dinner tonight” to asking in depth questions such as my thoughts on the way the universe began for example. There is no pretty planning with stickers or washi tape… Just me, my planner and a pen.

And there we have it. My official 2019 Planner Line Up – don’t forget to let us know what you are using this year!

Until next time…

Amy x

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