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Hello Deskorators,

Time and time again, no matter what walk of life you pursue, you are always encouraged to create and follow through routines for everyday. Not all of us though have time or want to spend 2 hours each morning doing yoga – so why not create a routine that includes something that you already do and love? Here are my planning routines!

Every Morning

Are you that early bird that catches the worm? Then a morning planning routine is probably your best bet! As any planning routine should include, your morning routine can include the plans for the day, affirmations/a specific goal you want to tackle or any challenges that you want to set yourself!

Every Night

However, if you are like me and are much more of a night owl, then why not plan the night before. Similar to morning routines, you can set aside time every night to plan the following day. If you want to switch things up a little, then instead of creating daily affirmations, you can take the time to reflect or journal the day you have just had.


It is now time for the weekly! Weekly sticker spreads, bullet journal creations, inserting your events onto your digital calendar… No matter how you wish to make a weekly plan, taking the time to make an overview of your next week can really help so not only can you avoid double booking yourself, but you can also find gaps in your plans to take a little time out for you!

Although planning is amazing (I definitely recommend it!), the start of a new week is also a great way to assess how you are. How are you feeling? How has the past week treated you?


It may be a little obvious, but approaching a new month is amazing to plan out your monthly events, bills if you have them and set tasks that you want to complete.

The beginning of a new month is also a great time to have a little clean! Have there been any habit trackers you didn’t touch this month? Any inserts which are simply taking up space in your ring binder, or what about the sticker kits you keep flipping past? Monthly sort outs are not only good for you and your planning system, but if you destash (sell) them, it is a wonderful way to pick up a few extra pennies!

Until next time…

Amy x

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