Overwhelmed? Overcome the block!

Hello Deskorators,

Stuck? Tired? Not sure where to begin? We are all too familiar with these feelings, which can begin to make you feel hopeless, and it is all down to being overwhelmed. If the tasks keep mounting up, here are my steps to overcoming the mental block.

1) Walk Away

As soon as you start to really struggle in whatever you are doing, the best thing I always find is to simply walk away. Even if you only divert your attention for 60 seconds, 60 seconds may be all you need to go back to a task with fresh eyes. If you require more time, then take more time – you will be more productive and make far fewer mistakes when you are on the ball!

2) Time to make a list

Once you feel a little fresher, the most important thing is to not just dive straight back in! Despite feeling like you may be able to take on the world, if you go straight back in, it won’t be long before you burn out again! Time for a brain dump! Grab a pen and something to write on (paper, a notebook, toilet roll, your hand). Now write down everything that comes to mind, what you want to get done, your thought processes, what you are planning to eat for dinner… anything! Just jot everything down and clear your mind.

3) Create a plan

Using your brain dump, try to make sense of your notes and categorise them into set depending on topic or time. Create a plan of what you want to accomplish and when.

4) Don’t forget the water, tea. coffee or juice, if that floats your boat!

Break time! Yes… you’ve just had one… yes… I know you are trying to get stuff done… but honestly, you need to take time to fully recuperate and hydrate! There is nothing worse then heading into a project feeling thirsty and we all know that hot beverages are a planner’s best friend! My only tip is that if you are having coffee, especially in the afternoon, don’t forget to have a glass of water with it so you don’t dehydrate yourself – coffee can be a pain like that!

5) Get started

Now you have had plenty of time to recover from your burnout, take your opportunity to get a start on your plan you have created. Start small – slow and steady wins the race!

Until next time…

Amy x

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