Organisation – what is it?

Hello Deskorators,

Organisation… It is a funny thing isn’t it? One person’s idea of being organised, is someone else’s chaos. Therefore, what does organisation actually mean?

Let’s head for the dictionary definition first.
To Organise – To arrange systematically, in order.

For a dictionary definition, it is rather vague. As a result, confusion may occur because as humans, we are used to trying to find the norm, finding a set value or goal that we are meant to work towards.

Therefore, I asked a few people. Organisation – what does it mean?
Some answers consisted of: “being able to complete tasks”; “creating a way to be in control so I don’t panic”; “staying ahead of your tasks”; “a planner?” and my favourite “creating a life where I can get things done that I need to get done, but allowing free time for things I want to get done!”.

Notice, how they are all very slightly different? This is because, despite having a generalised dictionary definition, organisation cannot be measured or simply described. It is purely subjective. Our organisation method can only be measured against our point of view of what makes the perfect system or the ideal life. Sounds a little scary right? What does make the perfect system?

Our lives are completely different. We have employed workers, self-employed workers, students, parents and all of the above! If you would feel in control by having a life plan or a business plan, then you go for it! On the other hand, if you get that sense of organisation by just cleaning your desk, then go right ahead! Both are equally as good!

When it comes to finding your ideal system to arrange everything “systematically”, use what is around you. If you have a planner or diary, then this is a great place to right down everything you want to accomplish, setting out baby steps on different days, weeks or months. Also, don’t forget about you! If you can visualise your ideal, organised life, then through baby steps, you can achieve it.

I ask again. Organisation – what does it mean? Our answer… organisation is what we need it to be, as individuals who lead unique lives. So, today’s mission – ask yourself: what does organisation mean to me? Once you can find your definition, you are already one step ahead of creating your organised life.

Until next time…

Amy x

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