Official Glambassador for GoStationery

Hello Deskorators,

I have some incredibly exciting news to share today! Deskorators is officially a brand ambassador for GoStationery – or technically a Glambassador!

So… who are GoStationery? A leading brand of stationery suppliers, you may recognise GoStationery from their notebooks which are currently sold in stores such as Morrisons and Ocado. However, they do not only sell notebooks; sticky notes, planners and desk accessories are also fond favourites of their brand.

Furthermore, GoStationery isn’t simply just another notebook seller. They share a passion for stationery and organization with the rest of the stationery community. They are also proud supporters of a number of charities, which is incredibly admirable, hence why Deskorators couldn’t wait to become a Glambassador!

Onto the exciting part! What can Deskorators do for you as a Glambassador? As a Glambassador, I can help you choose your perfect gift and offer you information about each item. In addition to this, Deskorators can also save you money! At the checkout, you can use the coupon code GOGLAM14 to save 15% off your order!

Are you excited? Is there a certain item you already have your eye on? I truly cannot wait to get involved, and of course, get planning!

Until next time…

Amy x

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