How To Use Your Planner For Work

Hello Deskorators,

With many now working from home, it seems like the perfect time to continue our How to use your planner series and this time, for work.

Planning for work can often be done in a very similar way to how you would normally plan out your everyday life or home to dos. If you want to keep it very brief and simple, a standard to do list with just a bunch on to do items on there could be all you need. However, we aren’t here for basic are we!

So let’s dive a little deeper and have a look at they way our planners have been designed. A variety of vertical planners (and inserts/printables) on the market are usually being separated into different sections, with 3 becoming the most popular number of sections per day. These could be separated out into different things to help you balance your work and your home life.For example, the could be that you can have the first section as purely work related to do lists or ongoing projects. The second could be for strictly home related items, and the last could be for personal or self care. Having this separation visually in your planner can help you separate these sections in your life so work and home do not mould into one thing.

Another thing you could do is separate your planner into project or client. For those in project management/event management etc or self employment, you may be more likely to plan in project stages rather than just one off, random to do lists. So instead of separating out your planner for work, home and self, if could be project 1, project 2, project 3 or client 1, client 2, client 3. For those who have more than 3 on the go, many family planners often have 6 sections, as do some teaching planners. These are perfect for the busy bees!

When it comes to projects, it may also be useful to consider having your goals or client information located and listed in another area. If you are using a bound planner such as an Erin Condren, or a discbound such as the Happy Planner, the notes pages are great for project/goal overviews or client overviews. If you are in a ringbound such as a Kikki K or Filofax, then why not treat yourself to some goal planning inserts! Having all your information together is amazing so you know where you need to be heading and can help you plan your time efficiently.

How do you plan out your work using your planner? Have you got any tips or tricks?

Until next time…

Amy x

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