How to use your planner for time management

Hello Deskorators,

When it comes to planning, it comes as no surprise that many use it to help better our time management – but how exactly do you plan out your time? In this blog post, I will be covering just a couple ways that you can see your tasks much more clearly.

It is very important when time management to not overwork yourself. It is rather easy to become so obsessed over time and to do list items, that we forget to leave time to relax, be with family and friends or even sleep. Therefore, my very first piece of advice is to work out what you need to plan, and how much time you are willing to dedicate to it. Once you have decided how much time you have to plan and play around with, it is then a good idea to work out your system. Yes – your system, not someone else’s.

I find that a great system for me is going by the hour. Even if a task doesn’t take an hour, it will allow me to take a breather before moving onto the next task. But, with an hourly schedule, it is much clearer for me to see what task I am tackling at what time. When it comes to working with time in this sense, the Pomodoro Technique is incredibly useful as you work for 25 mins, followed by a 5 minute break which helps to unwind the brain and stop it from overloading.

However, there are also many other ways to schedule your time. You may dedicate certain days to certain tasks. Many like to do this when it comes to housework or weekly decluttering challenges. Perhaps you want to manage your time by morning, afternoon, evening. Again, this system is entirely up to you.

Another proven method is time blocking or task batching. If like me, you have what feels like a million and one things going on, batching your time to include like for like tasks can help you to manage your time more efficiently as you enter a state known as flow. An example of this is my YouTube channel. Instead of wasting time bringing out all of my equipment for one video, film and then put it away, only to decide I will film another later on in the evening, it will prove much more efficient to batch those two tasks together, do it all in one go, and save up to 30 minutes of my day.

This is often done in admin jobs – emails are read and replied to a couple of times during the day, rather than permanently having emails flying in and distracting you. Therefore, time blocking out set tasks and batching them together in your planner can really help you maximise your time.

How do you manage your time using your planner?

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Amy x

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