How to use your planner for goals

Hello Deskorators,

Welcome back to the How To Use a Planner series. Now we have cleared up what a planner is and the basics of how it can be used, let’s dive a little deeper and focus on our goals!

Whether your planner is an A5 Ringbound Planner or a simple notebook, using your planner to write out all of your goals can bring not only a place to jot down ideas, but also clarity. Our short term memory can only hold and remember so much stuff, which risks us forgetting or misremembering vital information about our goals. Usually, we often forget things such as taking food out of the freezer to defrost, which can be easily rectified. However, if your goal is something much larger or for your work, the last thing you want to forget it sending an important documentation over – or worse – sending it to the wrong person!

To start our goal planning journey, I want you to list out three current goals that are on your mind. These can be as small or as large as you want them to be. Once you have these three goals, can you break them down into three areas of focus? Can you break these areas of focus down even further into baby steps that almost resemble a to do list?

There we go! You have finished your first lot of goal planning! Now you have thought about these goals, you are ready to write them into your planner. Don’t forget to write why you want to accomplish your goal, and give yourself little rewards on the way! It has been scientifically proven that rewards can help motivate the brain and will eventually help you achieve even more.

Why not watch my video here for bonus tips!

If you have a set area in your planner for you goal planning, don’t forget to then schedule in time to work on your goals throughout your day or week!

What goals are you working on next? Let me know!

Until next time…

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