How not to plan

Hello Deskorators,

There are many guides which can help you find your perfect planning system, giving you tips on things you might want to include or how to plan… Yet, what about everything you should try not to plan, or a way to avoid planning completely? How shouldn’t you plan?

The initial thing that you should avoid when it comes to planning… is not planning! Now, this may seem obvious, but life likes to throw curveballs, and suddenly you are too busy, too stressed, too tired, too hungry (don’t worry, we’ve all been there!) to plan the next day, week or month. Immediately a habit is broken and the new habit of random planning is formed.

As human beings, one of our biggest flaws is trying to find instant gratification, or trying to complete a series of easy, short tasks to get them out of the way or to “put off” the important tasks at hand. Try not to plan to constantly get those tasks done. If you find yourself getting stuck in the same “I’ll get round to my dream when I get round to it”, then it is time to stop focusing on the little things which aren’t important.

Furthermore, it is also a great habit of human kind to do something for others. We try to dress like others, to fit in. We conform to society in so many ways, and this often appears in the workplace. However, a great saying says “Build your own dream, otherwise someone will use you to build theirs.” If you find that you cannot progress in your life, perhaps it is time to stop planning for others, and start planning for yourself, and your dreams!

There is nothing worse than having a checklist of things to do, which you never seem to tick off, is there? When you see so many outstanding tasks, you can suddenly feel demotivated or even overwhelmed, which can only result in even more tasks ending up in the incomplete pile. The key? Try not to plan over ambitiously. There are only 24 hours in one day. It is ok to only get 3 things done in one day, if it means those 3 things have been done well. Don’t push yourself unnecessarily!

If you are anything like me, then you have probably experienced at least one of these bad planning habits, but they are easy ones to fix, right? Planning is a tool which should be productive and fun, so if you find yourself struggling, try to take a step back and see if you are doing too much.

Until next time…

Amy x

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