Hidden Wonders of Planning

Hello Deskorators,

Planning is a great tool and method which helps us to organise our days efficiently with a set to do list that we can focus on. Did you know, that planning also has secret benefits other than just helping us complete a to do list?

Once you being to plan every evening before bed, or morning after you wake, you form a habit of simply putting together a to do list to conquer, which ultimately can get lost in our everyday lives. But, ask yourself. What was it that made planning intriguing for you? Why do you enjoy it? How does it make you feel? Here are some of my secret benefits of planning.

A break from the outside world

It can become very easy in this day and age to forget about our immediate world. When we wake up, we have to think about so many things and how it impacts the outside world: what will I have to do today to make my boss happy, what clothes should I wear that others won’t judge me in, will I have to act in a certain way depending on the family members or friends I am around? Then we have the Internet and social media… We then start to fulfil a life and goals that are not ours.

Planning is a great way to “turn off” the outside world. Literally. Turn your laptop and phone off so you can focus on your world, and be present. You can plan all your goals, things you want to achieve and create. Even if you can only complete baby steps, planning is a great way to focus on you.

ME Time

This brings me perfectly into my next point. Sitting down and organising yourself can be a great way to have a little ME time. Whether you want to enhance your creativity skills or just have a 5 minute sit down with a cup of tea away from the hustle and bustle of life, planning is a great way to do this each and every day.


Another hidden wonder of the planner is the act of Mindfulness. As I mentioned before, it can be incredibly easy to start living someone else’s life without giving yours a second thought. Planning enables us to stop and think and mindfully consider what we are doing, when we need to do it by and most importantly, why are we doing it. We can focus on all the little things that make up our lives and document little happenings and memories that we would otherwise forget.


Planning can also provide a gratitude journal, which has been shown to help our overall well-being. An aspect of positive psychology, the act of gratitude not only increases our skill in this area of life, but if we remember the good times, which can be done through planners, over the bad, we can improve our happiness.


The last planning secret in this post, but certainly not the last hidden wonder, is the idea of optimistic thinking. Having a planner sometimes forces us to plan ahead, and this can mean way ahead. Yet, planning things ahead such as holidays, birthdays, celebrations, goal benchmarks or even just as simple as turning the page to a brand new week can create a sense of optimism and happiness that you may forget about without a planner. Having something to look forward to gives you a reason to keep going and to keep trying, even if at times you want to give up on a goal.

Here are just a few hidden wonders of planning. Some, including myself, can see or understand why planning can be rather therapeutic. Whatever you use your planner for, I hope you find the same comfort I find in mine!

Until next time…

Amy x

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