Fun Ways to Organise your Home Office

Today marks Organise Your Home Office Day: a day to not only longingly look at beautiful office spaces on Pinterest, but also a day where you can find out what works for you in your office, whether that is at home or elsewhere! Therefore, we have compiled some of our favourite ways to help you organise your office room – DIY style!

Tape Dispenser

Tape dispensers are incredibly handy little things, however, if you are like me, and have multitude of different washi tapes, as well as your normal sticky tape, then there is no way you can fit 20 separate tape dispensers on your desk! That’s where our friend cling film comes in handy! You are now able to buy cling film in a case, allowing you to use the edge to rip the film. This also works with tape! Once you have used your cling fim, why not carry on using the container for your washi tapes instead!  

Stationery Tray

Stationery trays, simple right! You can easily buy them online from Amazon or buy a fancy one from a stationery store. But, why buy one when you can use something else for free? If you have an old cutlery tray lying around, these make perfect containers for your pens and pencils, plus it already comes with different compartments – perfect!

Homemade Pen Rack

Pen racks aren’t the most expensive desk necessity on the market, but if you really want to get creative, and want to save even more pennies, then you can make your own! The cardboard inside toilet and kitchen rolls are great to store pens and pencils vertically. Don’t forget about those leftover boxes from the Chinese you had the other night! Small plastic boxes with homemade dividers, made out of cardboard, lets you store your pens horizontally!

Shoe Boxes/Cereal Boxes

Shoe boxes and cereal boxes have been used for a variety of reasons, so why not use them on your desk as well. Shoe boxes are great for filing or other random pieces of paper, whereas small cereal boxes – especially the individually sized multi pack cereal boxes – are great to hold smaller objects such as pins or paperclips!

Bookcase Desk

If you want to go the whole hog and completely redesign or even create your home office, then you will need a desk! You can create your own desk using old tabletops and bookcases, which can help you save money as well as creating your ultimate storage machine!

There we go! Our list of fun ways to organise your home office. How many have you already tried?

Until next time…

Amy x

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