Erin Condren vs The Happy Planner

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One of the biggest questions in the planner community: which planner is best? The Erin Condren or The Happy Planner? Here is a summary of everything you need to know when it comes to purchasing your next planner.

What is the same?

Immediately, the first similarity is that the are both planners which serve the same purpose – to help you plan out your day. Each planner has an area to plan out your months and your weeks, and they also have landing pages at the beginning of each month to keep a track of monthly goals, to do lists and collections.

They also have very similar formats – both companies have vertical and horizontal layouts, so no matter how you prefer to visualise your plans, there is a planner for you. Both vertical planners have the same width for each day (don’t worry about space!) and to the eye seem almost identical.

Erin Condren and The Happy Planner also provide much more than just pretty notebooks with dates in. Both brands sell accessories and other stationery to help you on your way, such as washi tape, bags, storage, sticky notes – you name it, they have it.

What is different?

If you were to lay both an Erin Condren and a Happy Planner side by side, you will instantly see that the Happy Planner is bigger. Despite the width of each box on the weekly pages, the Happy Planner itself is quite a bit taller, meaning that the length of the boxes are longer too!

You will also notice that they are bound differently. If you are someone who likes a set system, then the Erin Condren is perfect for you as it uses a spiral coil. However, if you like to switch and swap things out, then the disc bound Happy Planner would suit you better, as long as you can get the Disc System hole punch to add your own inserts!

Now to the important part… The price! For a standard Erin Condren, the planner starts at $55 – before customisation. A standard, Happy Planner only cost $29.99. That is a $25 difference. On top of the price difference, Erin Condren does not have a supplier in Europe or the UK, meaning that you have to pay even more for postage and customs. The Happy Planner, on the other hand, have a UK supplier, making it a much cheaper alternative.

The Verdict

Essentially, depsite the difference in size, the two products are virtually the same, and therefore, it truly depends on how much you are able to spend on your planner. Both planners have good quality paper inside and having used both for a good amount of time, each planner has aided me in organising my days/weeks/months. As a UK buyer, the Happy Planner will be the top choice, simply due to the price and a much shorter shipping time, however Erin Condren make beautiful items, and if it is in your budget, then I would certainly recommend them.

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Amy x

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