Deskorators’ Review of Erin Condren

If you are in the planning community, there is an extremely high chance that you know who Erin Condren is – you may even own one of her planners. After having a Filofax, Kikki K, a bullet journal and a TN, and then seeing these beautiful planners within Facebook groups, I knew I had to have one. Nearly one year later, I am coming to the end of my 12 month vertical Erin Condren Planner, and I have learnt so much through using it.

Well… what a planner! After having previously planned in a vertical style insert for an A5 Kikki K for a year, I knew that a vertical Erin Condren was exactly what I wanted – I was not wrong. The vertical layout proved extremely useful for me and allowed me to not only plan effectively but also unleash my creativity. Saying this, Erin Condren also provides horizontal and hourly layouts, perfect for any type of person, no matter their lifestyle or work.

In addition to the ideal layout, what also surprised me after receiving my brand new planner, was noticing that they supplied their own stickers at the back of the planner, meaning if you don’t want to buy stickers from Erin Condren, or from another shop, you are already equipped with a good amount of decorative goodness to bring a spot of colour to your everyday life.

Furthermore, it is a planner which lasts. Not only have I wanted to go back to it week in, week out, but the quality of the tabs and the laminate cover have ensured that constant use has very little effect on your plans. Apart from being slightly scratched (I may have dropped it whilst walking down the stairs!), the paper has held up to not only being covered in pen, but also a variety of sticker paper types, with the cover and tabs appearing not to have bent in the slightest.

With less than three months left in my beautiful planner, I can truly say I have loved using the Erin Condren. Yet, here comes the important question – will I be buying one for 2019?

Sadly, no. Despite being a wonderful planner and having very much enjoyed a year’s worth of planning inside an Erin Condren Vertical Planner, it is incredibly expensive – especially for us International customers! The planner itself is $55 – I can imagine this is already out of some people’s price range. On top of that, the shipping for international customers is a further $20. You then have customs to include, for which I paid another whopping $20. Together, you are paying $95 dollars for technically a notebook where you keep your to do lists.

Unfortunately, this also doesn’t take into account shipping times. I placed my order for my 2018 planner in November 2017. After placing and receiving many packages from America, I knew that 2 months would be sufficient time for the planner to reach me, especially seeing as Erin Condren are “said” to have efficient turn around times. Skip forward to February 2018 – I finally receive my planner. Needless to say, it was an incredibly stressful 4 months after so much money had gone in to purchasing this “dream planner”. I also know that this was the case for everybody that I spoke to, based in the UK, who bought an Erin Condren last year. It is really upsetting to say that I wasn’t an exception.

Nevertheless, would I recommend this planner to someone? Yes! After eventually receiving my planner, it truly has been an amazing planner to work in over the year. Although I will not be using an Erin Condren next year, I will never say never, and should the prices ever drop, or international shipping becomes much cheaper and more reliable, I may return to my beloved Erin Condren days. But for now, I am extremely excited to be venturing on a new journey, with a very similar style of planner for the year of 2019 – the Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas.

Until next time…

Amy x

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