Deskorators’ Guide to Planner Talk

Hello Deskorators!

Whether you are new to the planner world, or paying rent at Kikki K, you may have noticed abbreviations the planner community use. Welcome to Deskorators’ Guide to Planner Talk!

Types of Planner – Let’s start at the beginning!

EC – Erin Condren
HP – The Happy Planner, however this may also be known as MAMBI – Me and My Big Ideas (the brand behind The Happy Planner)
FF – FoxyFix
CS – Chic Sparrow
KS – Kate Spade
PC – PaperChase
DD – Day Designer
BuJo – Bullet Journal
TN – Traveller’s Notebook
Rings – A planner which uses a ringbound system such as a Filofax or Kikki K.
EDC – Every Day Carry. The planner which you take everywhere with you.


DO1P (DO2P etc) – Day on 1 Page, 2 Pages etc depending on the number
WO1P (WO2P etc) – Week on 1 Page, 2 Pages etc depending on the number
MO1P (MO2P etc) – Month on 1 Page, 2 Pages etc depending on the number
Small – Usually refers to pocket sized or A6 inserts (the small handy ones that fit in our bags!)
Medium – Usually refers Personal sized inserts
Large – Usually refers to A5 inserts.


RAK – Random Act of Kindness
OT – Off Topic may also be known as NPR – Not Planner Related
TW – Trigger Warning (somthing which may emotionally affect somebody else for whatever reason)
TIA – Thanks in advance
ISO – In search of
IRL – In real life, but let’s face it, is there one without planners 😉
MSBS – Must stop buying stationery, but again, will we ever say this?


HWD – Harriet Wright Designs
TCMC – The Coffee Monsterz Co
SPC – Scribble Prints Co
TPC – The Planner Collaborative
OMWL – Once More With Love
YWOC – Your World of Colour
SWMS – Stick With Me Shop
TPP – The Plump Planner

What other abbreviations have you heard of? Let me know!

Until next time,

Amy x

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