Deskorators’ Discussions October Update 2019

Hello Deskorators!

What a few months it has been, which can only mean one thing – time for a new update for the last quarter of 2019. Yes… the last quarter! In 3 months time we will be officially in 2020, isn’t that crazy?

This quarter has been a whirlwind, especially the last month. Where have I been? Well, Deskorators HQ has moved! I admit, it has only moved rooms, but there was a moving process nonetheless, which took a little longer than I had anticipated. Saying this, I could not have asked for any better. Not only do I now have a new desk, but it enables me to be a lot more organised – not to mention that I now have better organisation of all your lovely Deskorators’ goodies!

Due to everything being in crates and boxes for a little while, I did not release any new inserts into this month. Yet this brings me nicely into my next section, where do we go from here?

As I mentioned, having a bigger desk, with a better storage solution for Deskorators means that I am now able to store more stock and work much more efficiently. As a result, I am happy to announce that as of next Friday, Deskorators will be announcing new releases every fortnight. The current aim is to create 2-3 different inserts, plus all their different colours and types for each release.

The YouTube Channel is still live so don’t forget to come and check Deskorators out there. All new releases will have a video, so if you would like to see them in person, don’t forget to subscribe and stay up to date.

Blog posts will also be making a return, but with a slight twist. Instead of aiming to post 3 times a week, there will now only be two as new releases begin to increase. However, once a month, I will be creating a monthly round up of new releases so you don’t miss out!

Christmas is getting closer and closer, and it wouldn’t be right not to celebrate that. Deskorators will be participating in the worldwide Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, and perhaps even a January sale, so keep an eye out for extra information coming soon.

I hope the weather treats you well this upcoming Autumn and Winter and you look forward to begin planning a whole new decade (or at least just 2020!)

Until next time…

Amy x

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