Deskorators’ Desk Must-Haves

Pens, pencils, books, laptops… With our desks holding so many different things and used for a variety of reasons, there is no surprise that they can sometimes become rather chaotic within a matter of moments. Whether you are a self-employed entrepreneur or a keen student, it is important to keep your desk a place of focus and motivation, rather than a disorganised bomb-site! To that extent, here’s our desk must-haves when it comes to arranging your perfect working space.

Pen Pots/Pen Tidies/Desk organisers

The very first must-have is a pen pot! How many times have you been on the phone and suddenly needed to take notes and immediately every pen you have ever owned has somehow grown legs and left you? If you are anything like us, then this has happened more times than we would like to admit! However, with desk organisers, no matter when you need your favourite pen, you will always know where it is! You can find them anywhere from your local supermarket such as Asda to stationery specialist stores such as Ryman.

Planner/To Do List

Having a tidy desk is certainly helpful, but that is not as helpful as having a de-cluttered mind! Even if your work space is spotless, if you do not know where to start, you may find yourself becoming incredibly frustrated at work as well as in your leisure time. Consequently, having some form of a to do list has to be on our desk must-have checklist. It doesn’t have to be a fancy planner – a simple lined notebook works equally as well!


So far, we have covered items which help organise ourselves and our desks, but it is also important to remember useful things and light is certainly one of them! Not only does light help brighten our working areas (making us feel more awake and productive) but it is also a necessity for our health. Working in the dark takes a toll on our body, resulting in headaches and eye strains. Therefore, if you are a night owl or just have a fairly dark room, don’t forget to get some desk lamps to help alleviate the pressure on your mood and your body.

Phone/Tablet Holder

This is a slightly strange one, yet nevertheless is a gadget that has really helped! Having a holder for your phone or tablet can prove to be handy for a couple of reasons, the first being safety of our precious technological items. As mentioned before, our desks are home to just about everything, including cups of coffee and glasses of water. Accidents happen but having your phone out of action because it had an unexpected bath certainly doesn’t help you or your technology! They also provide an extra screen should you need that for work. If you track anything, such as social media, having a tablet propped up next to you, allows you to follow social media on one device, whilst you are free to work on anything you need to on your primary device.


You? What does that mean? Whilst we aren’t suggesting that you attach yourself to your desk or even lay on it like a bed, it is important to add a little bit of yourself to your working area! If your desk feels warm and homely, you are much more likely to use it. If you are a minimalist, just having a simple quote pinned above your desk is all you may need, however if you are a physical person, adding colour to your desk with flowers or a cork board with your favourite photos can truly lighten up your desk.

There we have it – our top 5 desk must-haves! If you have any other firm desk favourites or you are using some of our suggestions – we would love to know!

Until next time…

Amy x

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