Welcome to Deskorators!

Welcome to Deskorators! We are a UK based planner and stationery shop, providing the tools you need to help you create a logical plan and structure at the same time unleashing your expression. We aim to be the bridge builders between logic and creativity.

We endeavour to share the love for stationery, planning and organisation with the rest of the world so we can spark the passion of life within as many people as we can. However, seeing as every person is different, we believe that every planner should reflect that. No planner should be identical, as they all incorporate elements from our individual, special lives. Deskorators wants to enhance this through creativity; we aim to allow everyone to plan in their own way so they can create the life they want to lead. We value the goodness stationery can bring into our lives, the stability planning can bring, but more than this, we value the love for life and the passion and purpose this can bring to us all.

Here at Deskorators, we will provide you with the inserts and stationery tools that you may need on your new journey. Not only do we have a shop filled with pens, washi tape and planning inserts, but we also have our bank of stationery stories – a place full of reviews, tips, tricks and general stationery filled thoughts so you can explore and learn all about organisation and how you can gain back the control of your life and make it yours.

The History behind Deskorators and the Owner.

Deskorators was created by Amy, a once 19 year old (now 22!) with a passion for not only planning, but the love to help people. Amy has had an obsession with stationery since a very young age, holding the record for the number of pencil cases owned by a single person at school. Through this, she then found planners and how you could accessorise and decorate your plans.

However, there is much more than just a love for stationery that fueled the notion to set up a planner shop. Always driven to have structure, yet struggled to find purpose, Amy discovered that she wasn’t the only one who may felt the need to be stable but unsure of how to do so in a fully expressive manner. With this knowledge, it has been her purpose ever since to help others find their purpose and to use planning and organisation to create a life they want through goals in a creative manner. 

Why choose us?​

In a world full of stationery goodness, what makes Deskorators special?

Planner Obsessed

Created by a planner, Deskorators is a brand filled with love and passion behind planners, planning and the process behind it.

Pen Obsessed

We can't forget the obsession with stationery. The force is strong and no matter how much we try, we love pens just as much as you!

People Obsessed

It's not just pens! We love listening to your stories and your stationery or desk tips and tricks. Desk friends make the best friends!