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A little October 2020 Update

A little October 2020 Update

Hello Deskies!

Long time no see! Now, I know you are probably wondering why Deskorators itself took a little bit of a hiatus over the past few months, but it is safe to say that 2020 has proved to be a little of a whirlwind for all of us!

Before I begin letting you know all the exciting news I have to share with you, I would initially like to take some time to say hello to all those who stumbled across Deskorators recently; it is incredibly nice to have you here! I do hope you all come and join our community over on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram! Now, onto the exciting news! Despite the chaos which this year has brought to so many lives and families, having a little more time at home meant that I could finally sit down with my pen and planner and start jotting a few ideas down. These ideas turned into possibilities, which grew into more realistic opportunities which were taken with massive strides!

New Website

Deskorators has grown a lot since the original blog back in 2017. Long gone are the days of blurry photos of mix and match planner spreads. For those of you who may be unaware, Deskorators now has a shop component and now comes the time to build upon this side and showcase my products to the rest of the world, which can only mean one thing – new website time! Therefore, I am excited to announce that there will be a fresh, new look coming to Deskorators very shortly, so keep an eye out!

New Releases

With a brand new website, it would only be fair to tease you with some new goodies as well, right? You are in luck! Not only will Deskorators have a brand new design, but sticker kits and more printable planner inserts are also coming your way. Planner inserts will begin at £1.50 and the full sticker kits (containing 8 pages) will cost £10. I hope you love the designs as much as I do! YouTube Videos (and blogs) are coming back.Yes! YouTube videos will be coming back, not only once, but twice a week! Each YouTube video (apart from Plan With Me videos) will have a follow up blog post should you prefer to read the content or miss anything in the video! You can expect these videos every Wednesday, 1pm, and Saturday, 11am. Don’t forget to subscribe to not miss any videos!

Patreon, Newsletter and Facebook Group

Here comes the most exciting part (if the others weren’t exciting enough!). If 2020 has taught the world anything, it is how important social interaction, especially in this digital age, truly is. Therefore, it is time to open up the Deskorators’ doors and hand over to you. By 2021, there will be a newsletter which you can sign up to for monthly updates, new releases, competitions and discounts! There will also be a Facebook Group created so we can all share our planner perfection and desk decoration together with likeminded people! Last, but not least, the last project for now will be setting up a Patreon channel, where we can plan daily together. I will be posting bonus content on there (blog or video), giving you free reign to choose the videos and blogs which are uploaded, as well as a base discount to the shop. Patreon will take a little time to set up, but don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled and sign up to the newsletter as more information will be released there!

To find out a little bit more about what has been going on and a sneak peek behind the scenes, why not watch my video here!

2020 may have been a tough one for all of us, but it is time to pick up our planners and creating something out of it. I cannot wait to leap into 2021 with you all.

Until next time…

Amy x

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