10 lists every planner needs

Hello Deskorators!

If you are like me, then you were probably lucky enough to get a new planner or a new notebook for Christmas or you no doubt have an empty one, sitting on a shelf practically begging you to use it! If you have been struggling to think of ways to use up your planner or notebooks, then why not check out my list of lists below!

1) Shopping List

Ok, ok. I know we are starting with an obvious one, but we had to get it in there at some point! We can’t forget those groceries now, can we?

2) Self Care List

This list could very well be separated into many lists if you need and have the space, but a self care list can provide reflection and reminders when you need it most. You can include what you like to watch, sing, dance to, ways to relax, ways to get energised etc.

3) Game List

For all you gamers out there, a planner can be a great way to store all your information! For MMORPGers, you may want to jot down all your important stats and buff food, or perhaps some challenges for the Sims Communities! Of course, we cannot leave out the original gamers, we could all do with a Dungeons and Dragons character sheet in our planners!

4) Dream List

Dreams are funny things: dreams can open up our subconscious and allow us to process previous events from the day gone and even years gone. Writing through our dreams can provide our own therapy. Not to mention that it is very interesting!

5) Wish List/Bucket List/Vision Board

These three can be very easily separated, but when we bring it back to the basics, they are pretty much one of the same thing. It is always handy to have a future plan in your planner because without a goal insight, it can be hard to tell what you have next to do or how to prioritise your tasks according to your dream life and values.

6) Gift List

Whether you start Christmas shopping in March (that might just be me!), or you have a large family with multiple birthdays, keeping a gift list is perfect to index gift ideas and tick them once you have bought them.

7) Affirmation/Quote/Inspiration List

To go alongside your wishlist or vision board, you may want a quote, inspiration or affirmation list which can refresh and inspire you when you need it most.

8) Question List

Another unique list could be a question list. Everyday, we seem to ask ourselves profound questions about life for example (again, this might just be me!). Whenever you come across a question you don’t know the answer to, why not jot it down and research it when you are feeling curious and have time. Not only will you expand your knowledge, but you might be able to help someone else too!

9) Faith List

A faith list is a great way to enhance your spirituality. You can list out everyday things you can do to help you move forward or perhaps create a record of things you have completed already, for example you could create a War Binder with prayers or spell work such as a Book of Shadows or Grimoire.

10) Planner/Notebook list.

OK! So we have gone through a few different types of lists, and we now have multiple planners full of lists! What better way to use a planner than a master planner which can list your planners and notebooks, where they came from, what they contain, what pens you can use in it and what ones you cannot!

Bonus List – List of Lists

Now many of you who bullet journal may not need a list of lists, as this could technically be your index. However, if you are not in a bullet journal or you haven’t created an index or chapter page, then creating a list of lists is not only vital but also a fun way to track everything you are currently tracking! Besides, who needs an excuse to make more lists right?

Until next time…

Amy x

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